Sunday, 1 April 2012

Spring Spinning


I have had a stinking cold over the past few days, so thought best not spread that around the Felters of the parish, so stayed at home feeling sorry for myself yesterday.  Actually I wasn’t sorry for myself really, I just got stuck in and finished all the outstanding bits and pieces around the room.

Finally finished the Salmon and Sage weaving, which I will post a photo of when finished.  I love it now, which is really frustrating as I hated it when weaving it – hence the length of time it took.  So now I don’t know whether to add embellishments or not – I just love the texture. 

I also got stuck in and finished off a few 100g of the Fibreholics oddments, pictured above.  I am undecided as to whether to weave or knit with it.  Either will make a stunningly eclectic piece.. might do both !! I certainly need a new jumper after the winter I have had, and these vibrant colours, randomly spun make me smile every time I look at them – very Kaffe Fassett I think. 

Been getting on with the sock knitting, now I have addressed the issues of my missing knitting kits.  Goodness knows what I have done with my markers and stuff.  I think they have been “borrowed” by the same person who has made off with my fried Keith’s e-spinner and various other really vital things which are now missing under the mountains of wool and unfinished projects. 


This is a picture of the wool I have spun this week and last – just to give you an idea of how random my collections now are.. and you can see some Fibreholics skeins just peaking out…

So off to make the most of this beautiful spring day – wish I had more of these….



Just as an aside I have blogged over at DyeVerse some frequently asked questions regarding the articles in the press this week.  I have put my responses out of the way, so it is your choice as to whether you read them or not, and like me you may well just want to think about other things and move on. 

Thank you all though for your support and comments, incredibly kind. 

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  1. Beautyful spinning and hope you soon will be better (though it give you spinning time ;0))


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