Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mixed Bag…..

Well since last blogging, my world can only be described as a mixed-bag of fibre, creative thoughts, craven longings and “things which have to be done” just being “done”.


As the weather was fine in Bristol last week – there was dyeing… followed by


more dyeing – great happiness was created in my world of fluff…. but then urgent “needs and demands took over” blowing my mind, along with the weather turning to storm force – which negated all playing with concerns over how I was going to get things dry in my transient world. 


This is the line today – Thursday – the first day I have been in one spot with a moment to call my own for a week now.  Not ideal drying day – but the best that can be achieved.  (Dyes used are Kemtex, but will list them when I get back to my notes)

I now understand a little more about myself though – the first two dyepots were exciting, but I wanted to then create more to experiment with the “accidents” – such as the cerise and blue in the first pot colliding in such brilliant fashion.  The cerise and lemon yellow generated thoughts of sorbets.. or echoes of the flowers in the gardens around – all very spring like and refreshing.

Then yesterday, we drove past the Wool Marketing Board storage depot in South Molton.


Much to the total confusion of the guy in charge, I went in and asked if it was possible to photograph his “stash” – some people just don’t get addiction !!!

I need storage like this….

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