Thursday, 5 April 2012

Knitting with one Needle

In the words of the great Bard… Freddie Mercury…

Knitting Needle











“Ooh ooh ah ah
Ooh ooh ah ah
I'm knitting with only one needle
Unravelling fast it's true
I'm driving only three wheels these days
But my dear how about you”

I have blogged about my current preoccupations with staying on top of the grief over at so as is becoming customary won’t reprise them here..

But another week without knitting or spinning, but having needles and wool on my desk (even though the desk be in a hotel) and spinning wheel in the car – is all becoming too much for me.

Had a dispute earlier in the week about bottled water – hadn’t realised the water shortage had extended to Devon and hotels.  Woken up this morning at 5 am by a lady of elder years determined to enter the room with her key card – even though this wasn’t her room !!!!

Then there was the car park full of AA vehicles, with a breakdown being dealt with by one of their rivals… now that was funny !!


Finger’s crossed though, I will have enough time over the next few days, just to inspire myself, even if nobody else is involved…

Colour is everywhere – the greens of the hedges, contrasting with the Hawthorn and cherry blossoms.  The white of the sleet against the grey of the pavements.

The “sat nav” even did its own thing last night and took us to a recycling centre, instead of back to Cullompton!  Thank you Edwin – you are a source of laughter that just keeps on giving.  You can say the most controversial things and get away without it – whereas if I had said turn left – well….

So these are a few of things which have made me laugh this week, and which I will remember to weave into my projects (did have a chance to visit Fiddlesticks in Honiton!) and think about as I am knitting my marathon sock quest. 

The things which made me cry are consigned to the waste bin, along with the hankies used to dry my tears and wipe my nose (and mop up the spilt tea…).

I think – you know I am going slightly mad… and will definitely be knitting with one needle unless I can find the other ones, or some spares…


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