Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Moving on…..


Well in the immortal words of someone we are in contact with regularly – things are moving apace now. 

Fuller comment and links to Toby’s page, along with details of the Articles in the Evening Post can be found over on www.dyeverse.org.  

Nothing can put our world back to how it was before the accident, but hopefully we can put all of this behind us now and move on.

Part of that will be getting back into our interests and using our gifts and talents to make ourselves useful citizens in the world…

So I have been looking around for a workshop that can be used by Toby and ourselves to undertake some of our messier crafts.  I think the Unit would be appalled at carpentry and fleece dyeing being undertaken on posh new carpets !!

It seems we might have found something – so will keep you all posted. 

This afternoon though, whilst sun is shining and whilst I am still inspired by the Heritage Crafts Conference, am getting on with some of my “Stash Busting”


This is the view from the doorstep, whilst I spin, smell and listen to the beautiful noises around me.  I can capture the picture, and can record the sound, but have no way of letting you know the “smell” – which is evocative, inspirational and I shall miss so much when we have to leave in a month’s time.

It has woody notes and wet fleece is definitely in amongst the fertiliser and country smells of cows…

Oooh what a lovely perfume..  I shall call it “Phoenix”…. and the smell will always transport me back to this moment in time – when the line in the sand was drawn and our future being written - I am sure.

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