Friday, 23 March 2012

Hold the front page…


Woke up this morning and knitted quietly listening to the birds…Barn Raising Quilt is back on the needles – you can read more about it and the other things going on my hectic world over at as I have no wish to reprise the tale here – but can confirm a) I am not having an affair and b) really don’t have a press spokesperson in case nobody spots the irony (that got you looking !!)

I also had a moment of madness and perusing the forums on Ravelry came across a thread on one where everyone seemed to be ranting about the disagree button and that someone had pressed it.  I was equally as indignant and horrified – these poor people appear to have been through muchos trauma (didn’t read through to find out what, but it was just apparent from where I landed hackles and pointy sticks at dawn were the order of the day)

Then with horror I realised that the black raised lettering on the screen meant that actually it was me who had pressed the disagree they were all upset about…

Ooohps – didn’t mean to – technical error. I really shouldn’t read my iPad late at night – I tend to random read through the radar. 

But had a moment of madness this morning, when I saw that the person when identified was going to be banned/hung drawn or quartered – so pressed another random disagree for the sheer heck of it. If I am going to meet such a fate without the chance of innocent explanation – sheep and lamb sprung to mind..

It felt sooooo goooooddd…..   such power…. totally mischief and irrelevant – but fun…

As an aside though – there was a good outcome…  I have wanted to find out the Ravelry name of someone I have heard about elsewhere and would like to know more about.  In this case  I have tracked down the Ravelry name Pompoms – of Sally, the lovely person who has been a guest on David Reidy’s Sticks and String podcast.  She commentates on the Easter Show in Sydney in the last few years, and not only has a lovely voice, makes very insightful and pertinent comments – really bringing the whole thing alive for me.  She though, has in turn led me into wicked ways and I followed one of her links to a shoppe and bought more – stuff…

In my defence – mini-skeins to cure the issues of the Barn Raising Quilt – so justified then – and this is the stash purchased yesterday for you to admire… nom nom….

The skein is from Louisa Harding – Grace Hand-dyed. The other two balls are destined for a pair of socks in the knitting queue – not sure who is next. 


Enough of such trivia – off to polish my tarnished reputation.


  1. Think I know the forum you are on about... so funny..... you are a case Shani...

    hugs Debbie....

  2. What lovely things to say about me! Thank you.

    David and I will be recording this year's Easter Show preview in a couple of weeks' time. I'll tell him also how much you enjoy it.



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