Monday, 6 February 2012

“Weebles Wobble

but they don’t fall down”   or so the old advert used to have us believe. 

Blogging unfortunately has gone off the radar again during last week.  Here am I, now on a Monday morning, desperately trying to find 10 minutes peace in my head, so I can work out what on earth happened to me last week, which challenges all my received knowledge and wisdom, file the important bits, park the emotional and totally unbelievable bits and just generally move on remembering the lovely bits…


So on the craft front…


Some beautiful spindle spinning – with wool from Mandacraft from the Fibreholics selections.  Just completed this and now working on a beautiful pink and silk creation also from Fibreholics.

Dawn Treader

Just finished a couple of bags of rovings, dyed last year (or even the year before) as I try to clear my stash before dyeing any more when the weather improves.  I was spinning whilst watching the Narnia films, and coincidentally the colours reflected the themes within the films.

Dawn Treader

Even though the photo of my spinning is not clear (poor light) I think you can see from the publicity still that they are quite close matches with the Dawn Treader and backlit sky.


This one, very much the blues of Prince Caspian and the Caspian seas.  Unfortunately my camera filters colours, so what you see here is somewhat subtly altered, which is a bit of a shame, as I love the original colours very much. 

I have been working on what to do about colour descriptions and with the aid of the Pantone colour chips, I am now going to start on communicating more clearly the colours within my projects.  I have now linked up again with my HGA mentor and have some ideas about some exercises I could do whilst going about my everyday business. 


I shall leave you with this thought…On Friday – desperately seeking some peace and quiet for at least an hour, with no interruptions – whilst on the fourth floor of a building… the above happened…

What on earth does a girl have to do to get any privacy? !!!

This weeble may wobble, but she won’t fall down…

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