Thursday, 23 February 2012

So what do I do whilst I wait….?

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I am counting my blessings not moaning, but life is a bit of a struggle even for me here whilst we still wait for the ….”Judgment”. 

Unfortunately most people that we have to deal with in daily life consider this a very elongated timeframe.  Yep, we think so as well… and their world carries on and therefore ours must… well that was the angle most we have to deal with have taken with us until I have recently taken a position and stuck to it.

“Nope actually ours doesn’t have to.  There is no decision that you need this minute in time to organise your lives that cannot wait for another week or two whilst we evaluate ours.” 

It is interesting how much conflict arises when you take this point of view!  Especially when you point out that is how you have been treated by said person/organisation all along this difficult route.

Also interesting how points of views change when you ask people to wait for your response and invite them to revisit their decisions before you take the time to think through your response. This is something I have been truly amazed at – the number of decisions which have been totally reversed without any input at all from me!

A friend of ours often uses the phrase “come back with the right answer” – what a wise man he has proven to be !!

I am also now buying myself the time to listen to my own thoughts which is proving very life-affirming.  I have resumed study.

I loved studying – possibly because there was never time for study or school when I was a child, and was over 3/4 through my qualification in 2003 when I had to give it up, when work and study life combo became impossible – except with work-related subjects which were always quite easy to get my head around as I was around the conundrums on a daily basis. 

Since then the points gained during such bizarre choices as ancient greek language, phylosophy and psychology have increased in value and now with the help of a few green stamps or tesco coupons I could finish the qualification – so I have glibly stated…

I must have been telepathetic - I couldn’t have more right. 

Tescos wrote to me the other week to say I was losing £2.50 as I hadn’t spent my vouchers.  I didn’t even realise that was what they had been sending me in the mailshots I chucked out.  I signed on to the site, cashed in £65 worth, which became £195 in OU vouchers and I am now happily engrossed in a course in basic Law – covering elements of Toby’s future I was going to have to get to grips with, and no-one seemed to know where I could inform myself…didn’t in a million years consider this route…well this is a pleasant surprise…Smile

Every little helps …… 

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