Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wish I had more days like these….

Well no – I really don’t want anyone else at my doorstep telling me I am selfish and self-centred because I won’t donate £20 a month to help someone who is disabled and struggling to leave their home …. duh? 

I did point out in lots of kind words how this was inappropriate…and that he was not undertaking the job as a service to society… and then found myself trying to explain the big words…so gave up, with his threat to tell the neighbours ringing in my ears…

Don’t you just luv sponsored begging?  I don’t…. and unfortunately big society seems to have luring a number of very self-serving individuals into a whole new lifestyle…

So what else have I done? 

Well I have cleared my desk – as opposed to clean it.  In other words the contents are now all over my bed – oh dear.  Some have been filed, but I have sort of got distracted by the things that needed doing when I discovered that they needed doing. 

So I have now yelled a lot at PC World about an offer they had on at Christmas and also the company the offer was made through – result £40.00 now back in my account instead of theirs. 

Big kudos here to Evernote which I discovered through the Complex Weaving group, and on which I now store all my receipts and anything else which is virtual and vital to my existence, so I can actually find them when I need them, on whichever computer I am based at. 

I have found all my course notes from last September, so have filed them. In those course note wallets I have found lots of pens and pencils which explains a lot… they are now back in the pots.

I  have found a couple of tubes of paint… filed under their respective colourways – what was that about? !!!

and finally and most importantly I have discovered the mystery of the colours required for the HGA Certificate of Excellence.  You would never believe how much grief and expense I have had to go to, to identify 7 colours from Pantone numbering….

But I got there in the end, with the aid of a second hand set from ebay and two iPod applications…So note to self, don’t bother with colleagues who have done the course, libraries or art schools in future – to use a phrase of Toby’s “they know nuffing….”

In fairness the colleagues who have done the course were in America, and there lies the rub – these references are easily available there, along with three-holed notefolders, unlike here…

Who says we speak the same language… I think Rex Harrison got the bones of the situation….!

filing blog

and no this is not what my desk now looks like… I can though but dream….

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