Friday, 30 December 2011

Another Day Done…

Thanks to you all for your lovely comments and observations on this morning’s post. 

Between you I have at least another four characters – enough to make a small book of short stories me thinks… Project for the New Year.

In the meantime, I have got stuck in and stopped worrying/moaning about the accounts and how they have got a little out of control with all the upheaval over the last few months!!

So mind cleared, and sat quietly in Tob’s room, supping a cup of tea and enjoying a Bond film, I am reflecting on current knitting projects.

My Waterfall Cardigan is well under way.  The pattern is from Simply Knitting, August 2011.

I found myself spinning this gorgeous wool from rovings prepared by World of Wool, Phoenix.  I found it by accident through the Spinning Weal, when I managed to forget to bring anything to spin with my spinning wheel over the Easter holidays.  Duh?!! Then I gradually built up my stash everytime I bumped into them over the Guild Exhibition Seasons.

As an aside, just going onto the World of Wool website, I see they have produced a calendar of featured artists from the past year, and I am on there !!!  Miss February… oooh ahhh…

I feel very humbled because there are some amazing talents featured – I love the felted pictures…


If you are a member of the IFA there is an extra 10% off (but have to confess that tracking down the code totally defeated me this evening despite being a member !), and there is a donation to an excellent charitable cause for every calendar sold.

So back to the work in progress.  I am at the point of finishing off the second side which is knitted sideways and then hopefully I have already spun enough to finish the sleeves, if not – well another excuse to visit the shop.

The other project which I was trying to finish was Josh's Crimbo Socks.  This was truly a miracle.  I started knitting them on the train up to the Court Hearing at the end of November, and despite all the chaos around me managed to finish Xmas Eve. 

I was in a lot of pain by then, my thumbs have been playing up, but with some ideas from friends I was able to use some gel to soothe the pain, and was able to get them finished, despite having flu as well !!

Josh's Christmas Socks

I have forgotten what the wool was, but will add that next time I am at the computer. 

So the Bond film has finished, it is now 9.10 pm and I am pooped. 

All that is left for me to say is….

Bonne année et bonne santéToby's Hare's Head

to one and all, lets hope 2012 brings a little more stability to our world than 2011, but I do realise that 2011 was something that had to be endured to get an answer…

Oh and here is another one of toby’s amazing pottery pieces…reminded me of something out of Stargate.. very Egyptian Anubis vibe…

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