Saturday, 5 November 2011

We are fine….

Quick message this morning for those concerned about us, knowing our itinerary, after hearing about last night’s massive accident on the M5.  We are totally fine.

We left Cullompton last night and were on our way home, but by the time we got to Tiverton the conditions were very wet and very foggy.  We could see traffic was very heavy on the motorway, so we took the decision to pull off and book into a local hotel. 

We booked in at 8pm – the accident happened at 8.30pm – 30 minutes from where we were. 

We consider ourselves to be very VERY lucky – we would have either missed the incident by moments, or been caught up in the aftermath – or even worst still caught up in the accident itself…

But – it has to be said the driving conditions last night were appalling – so we considered it common sense not to push on needlessly – not second sight or fluke of luck.  We were very tired it has been a long week.

Our thoughts, sympathies and prayers are with those who are involved and those who witnessed and will have to live with those memories.

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