Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saturday Morning Waving…

Hi taking five minutes this morning to sort out my virtual desk – work out why I can’t listen to podcasts on my iPad – sort out things which should have been done and get things generally in order. 

We are away next week and I didn’t want to leave anything outstanding that didn’t need to be…

and then I discovered….well you can see from the previous post –

gnash, wail, moan, head in hands – Sad smile

where my time has gone this morning.

So sorry guys – very brief update as follows:

Knitting – yep I am still doing some and eldest son has requested socks – two pairs of – for christmas – so on the case.

Rest of my crafts – well my spinning wheel is lurking in the car and giving me the odd nudge every now and again as it falls out on my toes.  The weaving is now off the warping board – but no more has been done. 

I am trying to be in four places at one time and not getting anywhere at all…

but have decided I want one of these….

It is a bike, which can be operated as an off-road mountain bike for disabled users…  how cool is that…..

More details to follow and in the meantime – look at smug Toby trying it out…


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