Monday, 21 November 2011

Finally Time to Write a Post…

or subtitled… Needs, Wants and Demands…

Thank you all so much for some really lovely emails over the last week or so.  I haven’t had time to write back individually, or even write a blog post of thanks without interruption (I have three started but once I walk away from the moment, I lose the momentum of what I am doing and it is difficult to get back to), but I do want you all to realise just how much your kindness and support are helping me and the family at the moment. 

Just to clarify though, nothing is really wrong at the moment, life is just incredibly complicated and every time I find the time to sit down at the computer it seems to be to fill in a form, or letter of complaint, email joining up some dots. (I have just remembered that there were three urgent – as in they really are urgent and will hold up stuff this week - emails whilst I am writing this, so have broken off to do them.)

Ironically, I now feel better that I have got those out of the way…. instead of frustrated that I have had to do them at all.  I suppose it is all just becoming too much. 

Thank you also for those who have written or left messages with needs, wants and demands, who seem totally oblivious to what is going on in my world, unless it is to consider how it will impact on theirs !!!  Well done…..

So what am I up to at the moment in my craft life…?

Not sure really, and that is probably why I am writing this post.  I have so many projects, which have been planned, all the background work done and on the back burner at present. But as I don’t really have time to start and finish them within the enforced time slots that I have, they are just there, adding to my sense of frustrating and stress, awaiting for me to get back to them!

I have a new gizmo which I hope will help.  I bought myself a LifeScribe pen, which means that I can keep notes of lectures both recorded and written.  I am attaching an excerpt from one of the talks on Saturday, which I hope will work well enough for you to play with and see some of the potential it holds for me.

Shani's Pen
brought to you by Livescribe
You may be able to hear the scratching noise, which annoyed me as well, but I have found a work around to this with some headphones. 
Somerset Guild November

Oh here are some pictures from the day.  I hope nobody minds that I have placed them here.  Jane Lewis (top left) gave a talk on the Guild CommitteeI have no wish to be unkind, but even on listening through the talk again, whilst I played with my Gizmo…  I came away with distinct impressions which I list in no particular order (too much Strictly and X-Factor…!):-

1.It is all based in London and a terrible chore to get to and get involved in the committee

2. It is all based in London and therefore very…… historic and important…

3. It was created in London…. etc.etc.etc.

4. Oh and Jane lived in London…

In fact apart from a lovely picture of William Morris’ bottom… (demonstrating that Shakespeare was writing from life no doubt when naming the weaving character in Midsummer’s Nights Dream Bottom). I am not quite sure what I took away from the talk at all apart from it doesn’t really have any impact or influence at all on what I am doing, so not sure why I belong?  

William Morris' Bottom

The individual Guild Groups have their moment of brightness and I do get a lot out of the talks, along with the Online Guild, whose demos really consolidate my learning – along with the Journal.  I just struggle with joining up the dots as to why on earth I would vaguely want to spend any time at all in self-less commitment to something or some one - which is based and revolves around…. you got it – London !!  

I get that there needs to be organisation and we each have to play our part – just don’t understand how what was said on Saturday, cascades down to the realities of my daily existence..

Shame, but as a recruitment campaign – it really failed to get the point of across – whatever that point may have been.

Unlike the lovely talk which followed by Amanda – regarding the Certificate of Achievement.  Some lovely ideas and inspiration.   But discovered that the Certificate – apart from the dubious honour of having your name and score quoted – doesn’t appear to have any “worth” outside of the Guild.

A bit like our crafts in general…. shame eh….

But in the montage you will also see the most fabulous Wheel, with the proud owner – Tracey.  I am led to believe there is a twin sat in the Spinning Weal shop window…

Wow… now that is a craft and worth I see a point in….

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