Saturday, 26 November 2011

Contact….Is anybody out there…?

The frustrations of living in all sorts of places are finally getting to me.  I had been quite resigned to having to sort out a physical post address in the future, look at perhaps a PO box – or try to find some friendly person who would allow my letters to be forwarded to them – depending on our itinerary in any given week.

But had concluded this was one problem too many, and anyway, anyone who wanted to find me could do so through email – and if the correspondence was urgent enough it could be forwarded that way…

Aaah what a comforting thought that was, until this morning – when I discovered that all my emails for DyeVerse had not been forwarded as I had thought they had been, but were either languishing in the spam box or worse still deleted. 

What I hadn’t realised was the gmail, who I route post through had changed all their settings, and ever lovely AOL – which had I had always known operated a census situation – ie not all emails even get to the spam box, now treated the forwarding as a spam. 

Because I get so many emails I hadn’t noticed this and I am feeling awful about all the lovely emails I have discovered this morning, that have received no response from me..

I am also really frustrated about all the emails though from people who wanted to speak to me about future business projects.  Thankfully some had realised that I usually respond – others have not come back to me, and there are some where the emails are not able to be responded to. 

So if you have contacted me for any reason at all in the last six months and had no response at all – and you should have done…. please try again ? !!

I have sorted out the mail boxes now, so they come straight through to me without being forwarded.

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