Thursday, 20 October 2011

Waving from Windy Hills

Hi everyone… finally back on line with a little more permanency than of late. My trustee little laptop which was over 10 years of old and getting cranky it has to be said with intermittent internet connection etc., finally gave up the ghost. To be fair - it did resurrect itself long enough to let me place the on-line order with PC world – and then died never to awake.

Thankfully I have got into the habit of late of backing up important documents and files to a CD disc, so nothing desperately was lost, but I miss my little friend, and my bingo wings will re-emerge now I don’t have to carry it from a-b.  The new one (Red Devil..a red Dell) is a lot lighter and thinner. 

Talking about losing weight, we had concluded that staying so often in hotels and feeling obliged therefore to eat breakfast (well it was incredibly good) – which then often merged into lunch – was not doing a lot either for our fitness or our psychi.  With Summer over, the traffic is still horrendous on the M5, roadworks have brought the area to a total standstill over the last few weeks, we desperately needed to put some routes down.  So have managed to locate a nearby holiday cottage who are happy for us to occupy, as needed, during the winter.

This is the view from the window… and when I am lonely or homesick all I have to do is go outside the front door and there are two munching-machines who are quite happy to listen to my troubles without complaint – failing that there are some super piglets.

I am nuckling down to get on top of all the stuff which has been building up whilst I wasn’t looking.

That said… hey ho and move on.  I have spent the week dedicatedly and without distraction getting all the spread sheets up to speed (well after, I took a deep breathe, emptied my pockets, and I went and bought the programme that I should have bought with hindsight two years ago….so much for penny pinching!) and now I have lost the will to live. 

So what am I up to now?

  • Just been on a Tapestry Workshop taken by Pat Johns which was amazing.  Will write more about this.  I have decided that not having written up anything about the courses which are contributing to my continuing professional development (ooh get me….!), I will start dedicated Workshop page and then you can link back and forth commenting and following my craft trail.
  • Getting stuck in and finishing off all the stuff – such as consolidating all the random bits of paper/receipts and various To Do lists - which have been giving me unnecessary nightmares and really should be all up to date really – I have no excuse now
  • Case Managing Toby’s day2day needs which are a minefield!
  • Getting on with my knitting – it is COLD……
  • Consolidating all my spinning and stash piles – placing them in tapestry, felting, knitting and weaving piles.
  • Then getting on with the weaving which is still warped up and just waiting for action. 

That sounds suspiciously like a plan….

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