Monday, 3 October 2011

Monday Morning Ponderings

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Sat here, listening to some pseudo classical music in the background complimenting the gentle snoring of B - with the cool refreshing breeze bringing smells upon it through the window – the frame being held within walls a couple of feet thick – so consequently protective against the heat of the day.   You can just about see my view here…

“Here” I should explain being some self-contained accommodation within a delightful farm we have found purely by accident when we realised we could not find any accommodation last week when needing to visit Tobs…  I am therefore taking the moment and using the bubble of breathing space to ponder.

I am pondering because my usual clear-cut nature of making decisions has totally deserted me and I am at a loss as how to write about some recent events.  I need to write them up for my CPD, also to try to extract the positives from the negatives..

It is purely confusion that has rendered me unable to comment nothing dramatic or earth-shattering…the conflicting nature of the experiences has given me real cause to think as I am totally divided about which way I should respond.  So perhaps if I share you can offer your thoughts…

So my query is:

In the setting of a residential educational setting such as Urchfont, Dillington etc – should the course content , or the setting (experience) take precedent – discuss….?

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