Sunday, 30 October 2011

Felting and Paper Skills

I have not had time to keep this blog up to date over the last few months, and the only way I can describe the input is along the lines of when I have time to hot desk..

Thanks for all your enquiries regarding T and the support for other things which are going on in our life.. appreciated.

So inbetween researching potential comedy scripts, and referring Greek Dramas, where all the action is off stage and so half the fun is lost… I have been attending…

an IFA Masterclass last Saturday…

Chris Lines was our tutor and an excellent and thought provoking day was had.

Recent Workshop pieces

It is a little difficult to see what I get up to here, but basically we created some prefelt using contrasting colours and some interesting materials, and then cut pieces out of them, turned them over (in my case) and then refelted them on some more pre-felt.  Well that was the idea but I had lost the plot at this point  and so when I retrieved my test pieces cut some corners in the whole process and put my pre-felts on some handy black commercial prefelt I had to hand.  I love being a rebel…


The day continued… and then we had to felt some pre-felts onto some scrim, so I did…

Recent Workshop pieces

Not the greatest of masterpieces, but I think you get the drift…  and with only three prefelts and it was fun “borrowing” bits and pieces from the collected ensemble of fibre addicts to build my rather bizarre landscape….

I can see so many possibilities though for these techniques being applied to my own work though, so I see many happy hours of experimentation before me I suspect, but do not think I am every destined to be an expert….

Then later this week,  I took the opportunity to go to a papermaking workshop and am so pleased I did.


This was my mobile, in it’s wet and painted state – goodness knows if it will ever be a mobile in the definition of the word.. and my paper somewhat delaminated before I even got home, but I had a very good time, learned some new techniques and reinforced a learning point I already knew… not good with fragility…..and I take this point back into my living world…

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