Wednesday, 14 September 2011

No such thing….

…….as a quick blog post when you are not staying at home.  First you have to crank up the computer, then your mind, and then….  so the tale goes on and then you question whether what you have to say has any value at all.  You weigh it up against what you were going to say and then go off and do something less boring instead.  Boring to the reader, not the person. 

But despite all the weather conditions this morning, and the very small window of opportunity offered to me whilst waiting to check out…. I am going to blog…

(Unfortunately – due to conditions beyond my control – the internet connection collapsed at this point…so – better late than never….)

Morning one and all… what a blinkin windy day?  Did anybody see the America’s Cup Footage last night?  Another good reason for not sailing me thinks… Like watching them, just don’t envy them the early bath. 

I love September as a month – full of new beginnings and fresh resolutions – a nod back at the school year which still influences me even now.   I haven’t written properly for about two years, so am going to give that a go again.  Writing in the Margins got put into mothballs a while back now as I couldn’t find the time and inspiration to lead and encourage others, when I didn’t even have the strength to encourage myself.  Over the last few weeks though I have had some students contact me, so will see – very gently – if I can fan some flames of creativity. 

Craft is craft at the moment.  Really struggling with finding time to be organised to do a couple of things I really want to do, so instead of getting angry and frustrated, am concentrating on what I can do.  So I am getting marks and ideas down on the paper and this in turn has turned my thoughts to abstract painting again.

A disabled chap I was talking to in Exmouth last week said he doesn’t paint as he can’t control the outcome and it wouldn’t be any good anyway.  He did concede though he could make marks on paper and would enjoy the process.  I tritely responded that was the definition of Abstract Painting.  Then afterwards realised that I probably – after 50 years – have finally understood Abstract.  It is about the response to paint, ideas – emotions etc.etc. NOT necessarily about the experience of the viewer (mind you always helps if you want to sell it I suppose!)

Toby very much paints like this.  We got stuck in on a masterpiece yesterday – and he looked at me at one point and asked if he had made the right decision about a colour.  “Of course” says me - “it is your world……”

He reassured - smiled, nodded and continued merrily mixing and ploughing paint on to the page, fairly random to the casual on-looking but with spiritual intent and methodology I admire and marvel at and definitely with purpose.

He then looked up at me with a beaming smile on his face and said “that’s a relief!” and put his paint brush down with a resounding thud.  Why it was a relief I do not know, but he was complete and sublime within the moment. His picture was complete and he had achieved all he wanted to express from within - Wow….  can’t remember the last time I felt that satisfied about achieving something – anything.

So I shall take that thought back with me to the writing and everything else I do. 

I would also commend you to give it a go….

Just paint – write – knit – whatever – from within.  Putting all your energies into the process and worry about the outcome afterwards –

Bagpuss in creation

A photo taken of Toby a few months ago painting his Bagpuss Cat…


Finished article….

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  1. Intesting point about abstract. It is just that...abstract...not thought of it that way before. Thank you.
    Bagpuss looks super in the orange and white!


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