Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Waving not drowning….

KILIAN ZOLL 1818-1860Kilian Zoll

This is how I feel tonight… (mental note to remember to moisturise more often!) 

Hi everyone, thank you so much for your lovely emails and comments over the last week – sorry that my absence may have given concern.  I am absolutely fine, but am out of computer reach the majority of the time, as I have been caught up in therapy needs.

I have touched base again today, bought some new knickers recharged batteries – literally – on the iPod, phones, computer, cameras and sorted out necessary washing before off I go again. 

It is mind-boggling how much behind the scenes goes into keeping the “Toby Roadshow” on track and how much I am having to learn and do. 

I am doing the Tour De Fleece this year, just haven’t managed to record it as thoroughly as I ought to be doing. 

Just discovered today the existence of a beast called an embellishing machine – well I never… I am sure I could find a use for one of those, along with my new quilting sewing machine.. 

Back to my spinning and general clearing up of a pathway from the backdoor to the front door and I shall leave you with some screen shots from Crotal and White which I found by accident on iPlayer last week… I have dye pot envy…. wonder if it is curable…

Crotal and White

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