Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Spinning Whirl’d….

Hi Guys… hope you are all keeping well?   Thanks for all the emails that have come through this morning querying where a quotation on my previous post has come from – I was distracted and inadvertently “posted” before putting the attribution on.  The words are by Hayley Westenra and are sung to Gabriel’s Oboe (theme from the Mission). 

I was wondering through the reception area of the hotel where we are by force/need to compromise having to stay at and the line came across on the background music – isolated from any information or context.  For a moment I could not place it, and when I did the whole piece fell into place, a bit like everything else in my life. 

So I now find myself spinning again…Phoenix

Substantial quantities of the above… Tour De Fleece has inspired me, and I have found a couple of super patterns in Simply Knitting so I could well get a completed project out of the Tour this year.


Back to Vulcano now this afternoon, and am motivated now to finish this batch…

I have in mind on Thursday when we get back then to do a few odd 100 grams and get on with another shawl.

Oh and I have a new interest…

Sashiko Workshop

Shashiko quilting

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