Sunday, 17 July 2011

Romantic Notions versus Practical Living

When all has come to pass,
The storm has breathed its last
And the rain has washed their fears away
The people would not sigh.
The world will smile again.

I am reading a magazine this morning called Living Woods which the “woolly wanderer” picked up yesterday on his travels to Martock, whilst I was at the Somerset Guild July Meeting. 

There is a very good article in the July/August 11 issue (pg 06/07) regarding the renewal of public and business interests in forestry and how these plans to revive the industry has raised awareness of the problems of recruiting the skilled people which are needed to achieve a successful revival.  It is a really good article, covering the Forestry Skills Action Plan (launched last June) and highlighting the dire state of career development for woodsmen in the UK.  Even though this was highlighted 50 years ago as an issue !!!

I find it incredibly frustrating that we (generic, big sweep of hands here – including all public and commercial planning in this very broad generalisation) suddenly have woken up to a well known and broadly publicised fact that we have a skills gap in this area.

Which begs the question – where else and in what sectors is this happening? and what skills we losing - irretrievably in some cases - whilst we (the plebs who somehow have to carry the economy on our back and try to make sense of the cascade of orders and counter commands from up on high) carry on our day2day activities blissfully unaware that resources we take for granted are finite.

There are a few dedicated groups which are highlighting this – and you will find some links on this page if you are interested in reading further – my ponder this morning is though how to live my life practically, rather than just try to maintain the romantic notion of yesteryear.

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