Sunday, 3 July 2011

Notes from Devon

Morning Campers….

So much for good intentions this week to blog every day… Friday was a total BLAH… day – and after a late start on Saturday, I recovered enough to make a foray into felting.  I really struggle with the need for space and quiet, which gives rise to conflict when to produce stuff I need to be around people…

After my first couple of workshops with felting, I decided this wasn’t going to be a five minute wonder, even if it was really hardwork, at least I could see a use for it, so joined the International Felting Association.

The IFA peeps meet on the first Saturday of the month at the Spinning Weal in Clevedon, alternate months and I was lucky enough to have joined up in time to make this month.  Smashing bunch of very talented artists….

I had dyed up some muslin and fibre in a Procion MX dyebath the day before – photos to follow, and I proceeded to felt them into a Nuno Scarf, and tester piece.  Couldn’t get over the difference in colours and contrasts which had emerged from the bath.

I have also bought myself some machine embroidery thread in contrasting colours, with a bit of a plan to do some free machine embroidery when I have a moment or two…


This was my Nuno felting from a previous workshop day with Kirsten – reminded me initially of fisherman’s flies, but quickly moved on to crottle and granite… I love the way the light catches them in the window….

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