Friday, 22 July 2011


Well back in the room I am now catching up with my craftiness.  My biography for my HGA course is very belated, and spinning is going full steam ahead…and not sure whether I am procrastinating over the spinning by writing the bio, or vice versa… difficult call that one.

My knitting has stalled after the boost last Monday, but no doubt the trip home tomorrow will see renewed vigour, with a few ideas and objects due to be cast on at the start of next week.

Lesson plans for the two courses I was supposed to be taking next week at opposite ends of the country have been done and dusted and suitable helpful peeps are facilitating, so please be nice…. they don’t have to do it and they have day jobs….!!!!

I am not going into lecture mode again today, but that is something that we ought to remember – we are so lucky to have so many excellent tutors who whilst some earn their living as such, others are giving up their spare time in between their day jobs. 

Just because we (and I include myself in this) are paying for courses, that is no reason to treat our tutors with disrespect and be cavalier about the time and their knowledge that they bring to the table…..

So a gentle reminder, be nice – your tutor is as nervous of you as you are of them, secondly if unhappy or unclear about any parts of the course, contact the tutor first – they are always anxious to help and the feedback assists in restructuring future classes, and be careful about moaning to all and sundry about any perceived failings without reference to said Tutor - as they could very well be your assessor at a later date…. !! just saying !!!

Also copyright – I know I keep banging on about this, but it really is a piddle take if you set yourself up in business as a competitor to your tutor after spending one afternoon in their company.  You cannot possibly know everything there is to know on the subject in such a short time frame – it takes at least a week to read some of the books… and you are misleading your future students… as well as removing the will to live from the Tutor, and putting the industry in danger of economic failure – just saying….

Same goes for demonstrating.  Demonstrating is not sat spinning or weaving your own project and letting the blissful ignorant public watch on with awe – demonstrating is about interactivity and involvement, promoting the crafts and generally giving life to (pre) historic crafts.  Also giving the new found addict a point of contact where they can learn more.  Otherwise what is the point of the demo?– we all know you are brilliant…

Oooh that inadvertently covers three areas of my unanswered post box (NO you cannot use my handouts as your own….!!) and two or three emails that I haven’t got around to writing because I am SOOO cross… .  With hindsight I should have walked away from the debate when asked to give feedback, but I hate injustice and I perceived that what was being said was simply unfair and being skewed in one direction to fit the person with the loudest viewpoint – as is often the case in life. 

The perfect human beening is yet to be produced, we are all works in progress, so please… display some tolerance and think empathetic thoughts before standing in judgment - especially in the craft is a very small world !

Textile crafts can and are often an emotive subject, but are supposed to be therapeutic!!! so don’t be surprised if I just remove myself from the conflict rather than engaging.  If I can’t say and do something nice, I very often don’t do or say anything at all and don’t even bang the door as I am leaving the room.  Needless to say -  I have a few finished items now which are no longer going to be offered for exhibition in September - if anybody else would like use of them – along with educational details - please email and they are at your disposal. 

So off now to drop spindle with my new spindle that was also a birthday present this week.   Bog Oak from IST… who will be demonstrating at the Wool week in Glastonbury on September 5th (would like to see someone try to learn his trade in an afternoon !!! put this in your diary…) and a lovely roving from LimeGreenJelly called precious.. and I can see why….

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