Monday, 4 July 2011

Busy Doing Nuffing….

Never thought I would be in that position within my lifetime…..and since starting this blog it has proven to be an erroneous thought !!!!


But here I am on a glorious Monday morning sat in glorious sun-kissed green hued Devon having finished all available spinning around me, and waiting for everyone to finish what they are doing and catch up with my state of bliss….

Well sounded good….

Seriously, I can’t start anything because others need my attention in a few moments, so whilst I am waiting, thought I would write a quick blog…

Don’t those sheep look amazing?  I love the horns… very purposeful – could do with a set myself.  Anybody know what breed they are?

So where was I?

The other evening whilst doing some research for the current project (procrastinating by any other name) I decided to touch base with what is going on in the Bristol art scene over the summer, I logged into the Bristol Creatives and came across a call out from GL Enterprises.  They are looking for artists to contribute to their planned Anonymous Exhibition which is due to take place in early September at the View Art Gallery in Hotwells, Bristol

The idea is that artists donate an original postcard sized piece of work ( 7” x 5” or 5” x 8”) in any medium, including textiles, and on any subject.

Well I don’t know about you guys, but the majority of my test pieces and the pictures I paint to base larger textile pieces on are about that size, and they are certainly originals – hence them being test pieces (!).  As each of these postcards would be sold for a minimum donation of £25.00 that sounds like a jolly good recycling to me.

The charity they are backing is a good one.  The Princes’ Trust supports young people in the UK – the 14-30 year olds in society who have been struggling – for whatever reasons, and gives them practical and financial help.

You can’t live in Knowle for as many years as I have without being acutely aware that there are some young people who really do need a helping hand, rather than “a hand out” thrown at them  by the well-meaning but misguided and ill-informed socially elite in the city.

Practical support and understanding without judgment is the key, and I never cease to be humbled that a small amount of understanding goes a long way to break the negative cycle.

Throw the possibility of support from a recognised body, and you then you have a potential life-line and real impetus for change.   The young person in turn then become useful and positive members of society.  What a return for a small investment – eh? 

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