Wednesday, 27 July 2011



I have been flicking through some books in the last hour and would like to share them with you…

I won this in the Somerset Guild Raffle last month, and can really recommend it.  I would class myself as a hesitant lace knitter – I get lost with all the patterns and charts… but this is really clear so therefore tempting me…

The first collection published by Jennifer Hewlett of Fyberspates.  Lots of lovely knits here, for all levels and super ideas – one or two mean I am going off to pick up my needles.  The forest green is drawing me in….

Except that I have another pattern that that is from this month’s Simply Knitting – a Luxury Lustre which which is written by sublime.  I am going to have a fiddle with it, and knit it in my recently spun silk and blues merino which I undertook for the Tour De Fleece…

If you buy this month’s copy of Simply Knitting you also get to get this pattern, along with some free crochet hooks.  Bargain….

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