Monday, 6 June 2011

Monday Morning…


oohps – took this photo the wrong way around ! should also be displaying my lovely IST Spindle which the family bought me either last year, or the year before for my burpday.  I have really taken to drop spindling after a difficult and diffident introduction about twenty years ago. 

These are the other way around to the one which someone tried to show me on originally, and now I get it – the point of balance is beautiful and it comes into hotel rooms with me – I have to do something to try to relax in between games of Uno and watching episodes of Glee! (what else? ooh you are dirty minded you little lot…).  

So back to the colourway.  Compare….

Woodmill Birds

Padbrook Logo...

See any similarities – bearing in mind the blues in the dye lot are more vividly indigo than photographed ….I so need to get out more….!!

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