Monday, 27 June 2011

Intro to the Week.


It feels really strange this morning, sat at my desk for the first time in weeks – so it seems, with a totally clear mind and unwritten agenda for the week ahead (except for my cup of tea and bagel which is now sat downstairs getting cold !)

I have not had the easiest of months – June 2011 I shall look back upon as a month of extremes in our lives.  Very good Highs, and absolutely awful Lows… My emotions, my thoughts, my interaction with society, the craft world and my personal world,  along with the values I hold dear and how I live my life with such happiness have all been tested to breaking point. 

I am still here though…. which is more than can be said for some of those who have contributed to causing the grief. 

So as the month of June draws to a close, and I start planning for a relatively interesting July, I am taking a moment to step out of the journey,

I am pausing and reviewing the

landscape of my life….

and shall be blogging about some of my favourite things over the next few days….and the inspiration provided by fellow spinners, dyers and weavers who keep me going through those dark times - when when I lose my compass and the pathway is obscured…

Vulcano Detail

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  1. Glad you look forward to a lovely July. Great colours and spinning.


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