Thursday, 12 May 2011

Woodmill Spring

Finished off the Madder, and have now started on

Woodmill Spring

Which I am going to call Woodmill Spring.  I had been floundering around for a name for this funny colourway. I dyed it during one of the SpinDyeWeavers’ meetings a couple of years ago. In my defence, I am now currently working through my stash – to make way for the paperwork flow it regrettably seems… 

BFL, kettle-dyed, Kemtex Blue, Landscape: Wombat, Wattle and Moss. when looking out of the window, whilst counting to 100 backwards in french (it was one of those moments….). I realised that the world outside really still was beautiful…

The blue of the sky, the green of the trees, yellow in spring plants, dark bark…

Woodmill Spring

Just a matter of perspective and which way you are looking…

In my case firmly in the future….


  1. Love the insight into your processes and the colours on Woodmill Spring are fabulous. Hope you get to walk in that world outside!


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