Tuesday, 24 May 2011

No where was I?

I started off about three hours ago full of vibrant things to say – all poetic and full of inspiration.  But bit by bit, after all the administration which organises and orchestrates my world was completed – I am totally drained…

So here is a snapshot of my current pre-occupation…


I am spinning up some of the Fibreholics samples that I have – so I can get on with weaving up some of the projects I have in mind…

Woodmill Birds

I am also spinning up this beautiful roving which reminds me of garden birds which are floating around at present.  No coincidence when I looked up into the sky and consciously thought about it that the trees and sky are also the same colour – that’ll be it then.. !!

I am sorting myself out with the bits and pieces I need to do some more felting this week and ordering the books that I need to get to grips with embellishment and stitching that I am so evidently going to need…

and I shall leave you with this….


Toby’s latest creation, inspired by the cat he visits every week at the Horticultural Nursery he has work experience at…

I give you … Bagpuss…. (aka Spider!).


  1. I need to learn more about roving and spinning. Those are GORGEOUS colors. ;D


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