Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday over… weekend beckons..


Well I have travelled through interesting times this week…..and am still here at close of business on Friday – and sort of still smiling.   Could be wind or the obvious signs of insanity me thinks..!

I can now file all the paperwork on my desk, breathe a sigh of relief, and get my head back into the knitting/spinning/dyeing and weaving.

I have a lovely felting workshop ahead of me tomorrow and Sunday with the “son” and a date with a game of Uno…

I have two incredible skeins of wool – both coincidentally reddish hues on my footstool – which popped through my letter box earlier this week – just waving at me… and I still have to stitch Lauren's Jumper up – that poor lady - it will be next winter before she gets it at this rate…

Lauren's Jumper

I think deep down inside it is a Freudian thing that I don’t want to complete the project.  Seriously though, every time I pick it up something else happens and I don’t want to weave, stitch or sew any negative thoughts into it. 

My Rose Socks are now on the second foot, and I have started another Barn Raising Quilt square from some hand dyed sock yarn. 

I am spinning some Fibreholics samples (I think it must have been from the last round… they are sumptious!), and also the Woodmill Spring has morphed into Woodmill Birds, different wool in the bath, picked up differing colour strengths more reminiscent of spring birds like the tits and finches…Still fabulous to spin… and making me smile…

Lastly, thank you so much for the quite overwhelming response regarding sample boxes, I have now a number of emails to work through and will keep you posted, probably by way of a side page, so as not to get in the way of the blog. 

The comments you have sent through, also made me smile and feel at least I am doing something worthwhile for myself with all this “waiting” time…  thank you……

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