Sunday, 22 May 2011



I spent a delightful day yesterday felt making at The Spinning Weal in Clevedon. 

Our tutor was Kirsten Hill-Nixon who started the day by inspiring us with some of her recent work and projects that she has been involved with.

I don’t know why I have always felt a bit daunted by felt making.  I understand the basics – having spun and washed enough wool over the years ! but getting myself organised to create “consciously” some fabric in this medium has escaped me. 

This course was the ideal introduction.  Kirsten is obviously not only very knowledgeable in the subject, but she was equally generous with sharing that knowledge with us. 

After an initial trial go – embellishment of pre-felt, we were invited to unleash our imaginations, inspired by a trawl around the kaleidoscopic merino rovings. 

I plumped for a mixed jar of random colours, along with some cotton findings and some Angelina.   Later on, I also used some of the House Colourways – bespoke blends in green and red.

What emerged were some glorious random shapes and backgrounds which could be used with some embellishment as landscapes.  So that is how I am going to proceed, putting marks on with stitching to define and shape the contours.

It has also booked for three days with Helen of Fiery Felts during the Summer School – Malvern.  This will cover other elements that I am going to need/think about if I am considering felt as the appropriate medium for my project for the Cert of Achievement.  What I am trying to achieve is painting with textiles in a free-flowing organic way (playing!), which I am finding is quite restricted in my weaving or knitting at the moment…

I am also going to attend the next course that Kirsten is holding next month on Nuno Felt.  The anticipation is all too much….

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