Friday, 8 April 2011

The Week that Was…..

Where on earth did this week go? I haven’t got a clue our young sir would say….

Well he wouldn’t be far wrong there… so what has happened as the hours hurtle past…?


French Shabby Chic

French Shabby Chic found itself finished… just in time for me to take it to the Brockweir & Hewelsfield craft group. 

Brockweir Craft Group

This is a friendly group, and I had been decidedly unconvinced that the piece of weaving was actually any good.  It was one of those things which was a good idea at the time, but I have not learned to “love” it.  I felt even worse when asked to put a value on it.  I – who was already to cut it up and make “something” with it when I left home, found others liking it…  That is the problem when you mix what you retail, with what you do as a hobby – this is strictly hobby !!

After this we hurtled off to Clevedon to the Spinning Weal – where the loveliest group of spinners you would ever wish to meet on the first monday in the month.  This particular night we nattered about the forthcoming North Somerset Arts Week where the Spinning Weal are going to take over a local cinema to display work.  This is all very exciting as the quality of the workmanship produced by patrons of the shop is extraordinaire by anybody's’ standards.

Spinning Weal Graffiti

This little bit of YarnBombing made me chuckle before we went in !!


Agh… can’t really remember much about Tuesday -  In the evening I manage to score a late cancellation at the Sewing Machine Class held at the Paper Village in Bedminster. 

I have been singularly unable to thread my machine even though I have an automatic threader, and having dodgy eyes hasn’t helped.  But with the assistance of a lovely tutor, I was up and sewing within minutes. 

Just to prove it… here are the photos of my samples – which I have turned into a needle case.. The tutor thought the patterns looked like ECGs – say no more… inspiration is everywhere I take comfort from…

Sewing Marks

Sewing Marks


nuff said.  


Too tired to knit, to think – or even dream I took to my bed…


This was the mess on my desk…Mess on the Desk...

Enough – I cannot live like this. 

I have in my head the promise of some nice knitting this weekend.

Yarn Addict April Club

The April sock club from Yarn Addict arrived this morning, and it reminds me of a delicate rose head… so am going to start on this, either as a scarflet or sock – not sure… this will cheer me up.

I am reading at the moment…The Wild HuntThe Wild Hunt by Elizabeth Chadwick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this author's poetic and startling imagery. In a turn of phrase she can take you there...Easy and fluid narrative, emotionally compelling.

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I shall expound on this a little bit more, when I have got past page 5 !! (the phone went….aaagggh….)

So this was the week that was….  !!

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