Monday, 25 April 2011

Patience Dear Hearts, patience…

“Do you need anything else to go in the wash?” shouts the hunter, gatherer and now housekeeper from the bottom of the stairs…

“I am afraid I am hanging upside down, so don’t really know” replied the rather harassed, but now a lot tidier craftsperson upstairs !!

That really is a conversation you don’t hear often. 

Along with other thoughts – such as now when we are travelling, we pull into farm gateways to find a signal – on the mobile phone, not with each other !!  a bit pre-occupied are we me thinks…

Seriously I have spent an incredibly industrious morning and can now find my desk, have organised the diary for the next week/month/year, read the saddest, uplifting, tell it as it is, and finally most romantic blogpost I have come across in ages (so had a good weep) Dye Studio Diary

I have also made some serious decisions about other areas of my life, having identified the “things” and actions which make me happy, and which somehow have managed to have slipped out of my life over the last five years. 

Some of those are things like going travelling courtesy of the YHA (unfortunately disability is a bit of a snag there…). Being a member of the Women’s Institute – seems the local one is full-up, so might be an idea to join as an associate, and get back to my painting in National Trust and English Heritage Properties – to inspire my weaving – a circle of self-development !!!

I am itching to start an OCA course in Textiles, have been persuaded that that is not a good idea for someone with my stress levels..YET….

Oh if only I were a patient person….

Whirls End

Off to de-stress…in the glorious sunshine before the rain.  The glorious spindle-spinning I am doing at the moment is entitled Autumn Leaves from The Worl's End.  It is a merino/camel blend, which usually I am not too enthralled with – but this is beautiful and inspiring… I bought the sample through the Fibreholics project, so would recommend popping over there if you want some samples which take you out of your comfort zone…I am pleased I have…

I am back to Baby Shabby Chic tomorrow, but until then…

I thought I would leave you with this beautiful picture of Toby – planting his plants.  He has work experience on Wednesdays in a local nursery which he adores…


So precise and so patient… wonder where he gets that attribute from? !!

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