Sunday, 13 March 2011

Weekend–Quiet Interlude

In-between being “pecked to death by ducks” during the last week I have calmly made progress on several projects. 

We have given up with Toby’s computer and installed an updated one.  Wow.. the possibilities this now offers are already being evident, I am writing this blog now on a Sunday evening – because I can !

Whilst down in Devon yesterday, took the opportunity to go to the Devon Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.  The talk being given by Pat Johns was really interesting – describing the production, techniques and general planning of the Altar Throw which made by the Guild in the 80s, for Exeter Cathedral.  It was really good to meet up with old friends again, and have some “me” time.  I also discovered there is a workshop in June about Extract Dyeing and I was able to bag a place !!   It is also their 60th anniversary this year.  Feels very special to be involved.

Salmon and Sage

I have taken the opportunity to get on with some spinning…Salmon and Sage above, which is what it says on the tin, a salmon and sage.  From memory I think it was made from 56s English and dyes purchased from Wingham. 


Cutch is the tester I am spinning this afternoon.  On the left hand side it is mordanted with Alum, on the right hand with Copper.  A very delicate mink colour is emerging in this Devon BFL wool. 

I have also picked up..Bruce's socks again.  Nothing really dramatic, but functional and I really feel the need to get on and finish this second pair now. 

As you can gather we spend a lot of time travelling.  As I don’t drive, I take the opportunity to get up to date by listening to podcasts.  I have come across a really nice one this week Knit Wits, and would commend it to anyone who wants to be entertained whilst keeping their hands free to knot.

So as you can see, I am calmer now – long may this feeling of quiet contentment reign – hopefully longer than an hour after business restarts tomorrow…!!

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