Sunday, 20 March 2011

Heritage Crafts Association

I attended the annual conference of the Heritage Crafts Association and bumped into Dot Seddon.  Well to be precise, I found info about the Association on the Display table and worked on the theory that the person who put it there was a Spinner, Dyer or Weaver (wild guess I know!).

So I went off and tracked the person down, to find it was Dot Seddon, someone who I have read about, admired her work etc.etc. since being involved with crafts (which seems forever!)...  Details about her WSD summer school course are here…Summer School Brochure

So this led me to think this morning - does everyone know about this wonderful Association which is doing so much to get Heritage Crafts, such as ours recognised?

We found out yesterday that we have a new Patron - HRH Prince of Wales... and we all know how much he is into his wool !!

So get yourself over to the site…Heritage Crafts Association

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