Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Good Morning…

and welcome to my new readers from Cardiff and some surrounding areas – Hi I hope you find something of interest here..and introduce yourselves – don’t be shy ! 

Well back at my desk yesterday “mucking out” the backlog of administration, and today seems a very different world to the one I was faced with last week. 

We are now starting to look outwards and within the family we are each shaping our personal horizons and charting our course.

For me – this means overcoming a few hurdles with my health, but by being kind to myself, and addressing the weight and lack of exercise stuff, I am sure I will improve.   Amazing how different your perspective becomes when the sun comes out and the birds sing !

Also I have scored some amazing good luck in the last week.  A good friend as well as the neighbours across the road have decided they are moving and houses have been sold. 

In the clear out, my friend has bequeathed to me a stash of white wool and spinning wheels.  Neither spinning wheel is complete, Ashford Traditionals, but if I use one for spare bits the other will be semi-functional, so I have a training wheel on hand. 

The neighbour across the road though – that has been a bit of a mystery.  She was emptying her loft and found a load of unidentifiable wool, from a hobby she started years ago.  She came over and asked if I would like it, as they were going to chuck it away.

Always for an eye to the bargain, I said I would be happy to, and then events intervened.

The sun shining today seemed the perfect opportunity to empty shed and sort through these treasures – only to discover that much of it had come from here !!!   my threaders, bobbins, wool with details on and sources which were mine…even a colourway I had died and some of my spinning !!!!  So the mystery is…

How on earth did that get there?  My memory isn’t that bad that I wouldn’t have remembered giving it to her or even had the opportunity to place it… 

Very “magician nephew” my friend has suggested, and she is right.

Still it has put a smile on my face and it was lovely to see, touch and smell some of this wool – like old friends coming home… 

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