Thursday, 3 February 2011

World of Wool–Artist of the Month


I am incredibly flattered to have been chosen for the World of Wool Artist of the Month.  The news came when I was going through I think one of the worst weeks of my life, and cheered me up no end. 

Some people have asked me to clarify what the pictures are of, so from left to right.

  • A Shona jumper – from the Yarn Forward Magazine (tried to link here, but the website is down).  This was knitted with handspun Blaze, this is a world of wool product which I found via the Spinning Weal in Clevedon (fell in love with it to be precise !!).
  • My hand dyed (acid), and hand spun Cottage Garden colourway – 56s English wool from World of Wool, Kemtex dyes. 
  • The making of the Kalahari woven tapestry and picture.
  • A selection of my natural dyeing experiments. 
  • Savoy Sorbet, a mixture of Devon Blue-faced Leicester from John Arbon textiles, and 56s English wool from WOW.  Handyed and handspun by moi, using natural dyes, Lac, Logwood, Annatto and Valonia Oak (excuse any misspellings here, I don’t have the paperwork to hand) from DT Crafts.
  • Some spindle spinning using the WOW Rainbow Blend Hydra.

Oh and the photo was taken by my son Joshua before he went on his travels. 

Best wishes and thank you everyone again for your lovely comments, appreciated, and thank you to World of Wool for giving me a boost and reminding that the world is quite a nice place the majority of the time. 

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