Friday, 11 February 2011

Wall Covering….

Yesterday I had a bit of a catastrophe in the house.  It is a very sad tale, full of pathos and wool…umph woe….

My wool fell off the wall.

Now that might you frown as you try to picture the problem so I will try to explain with the aid of some very dodgy photography


There was a post in my wall with 4 x  screws 2” thick – my wool (a rather lot more than picture here though it has to be said) had been nestling on this post, waiting for the perfect project.  If I put them away I forget what colours I have in my pallet.

Yesterday without warning the whole thing collapsed.  Now the wall it was screwed into was a substantial wall, the same kind of wall that such thing as a stair lift would be screwed into – a supporting wall.

And it would not support some wool…. so oohps.  This worried me greatly. 

The wool was not damaged when it fell, a body down the stairs at about 16 stone would – especially if they had an artificial skull as it was… my week was complete, and tears ensued. h

So DH set to to try to solve the problem of the wool storage – after he had, rather untactfully, suggested that perhaps it might be an idea if I actually got around to selling some of the stuff.  I soon got him back under control with my “deadly dare stare”


I now have wool on the stairs (by the landing window – not a place you would usually see it…)


Wool in the bedroom (this is the doorway to my craft area)

and I have stopped short of showing you the wool in the front living room.  Yeh, yeh, yeh, I am going to get it sorted – soon.

But it does have the added bonus of covering the areas which were not wallpapered a couple of years ago because willing volunteers ran out of time (and patience!).  Not only will our walls not bear the weight of wool, they struggle with sticking wallpaper too as well….

But I can’t get on with my radical mucking out of the front living room - until I have a washing line to hang the wool on after it has been washed………. “Oh DH – where are you?”

w+= = h   Winking smile

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