Monday, 7 February 2011

Title Picture

Thanks to all those who have a) noticed and b) contacted me to ask about the above picture.  I am flattered that so many of you browse the site !!

It is a picture taken by my son whilst travelling in Mongolia.  The stark black and white contrasts appealed to me, and obviously you all as well. 

I love the sky, it’s ever changing descriptive moods often influence mine, and as an artist the light that it creates when filtering the sun reminds me often of stage lighting and the way I used to use the lenses and filters to heighten tension, or add effect and accent to a situation (or even diminish it…as I famously managed to miss the mark, and the spotlight did not hit target in “that” scene from Hair when it appeared at the Bristol Hippodrome - on more than one occasion ! – in my defence I was only 16 and easily impressed). 

To everyone who has dropped by, thank you for taking the time to say something.

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  1. This photo just invite to dye some fibers and yarn. Wonderfull son you have.


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