Friday, 11 February 2011

Sloth Speed

Well thank goodness it is Friday.  It has been an incredibly difficult week for me, still a lot of indecision and “things” hanging in the air, waiting for answers.  Kind of makes concentration and long-term planning extremely difficult. 

It hasn’t helped with at least three meetings this week being cancelled.  Well not cancelled, people just did not show at all.  One organiser did send me an email about 20 minutes before explaining that she had a crisis, but said that others would be there.  They were not. 

Now – if people want to be cavalier with their time – that is fine.  But two of these meetings were convened by people who are receiving public money in the form of grants and fundraising, for their projects, not sure about the third.  So this is not fine. 

On a personal note, this meant that logistically I had to travel considerable distances, and shelve important projects, for absolutely no good reason.  Definitely not fine. 

The reason I am blogging about this is it is important that people involved with publicly funded arts projects start valuing other’s time as well as finances.  If you don’t

a) you won’t get a lot of sympathy next time you apply for some money from the public purse and

b) people like me who do a lot to help where we can to support projects which help others, will just decide that it is not a good use of our time – which we value and therefore expect others to. 

Crystal ball on a stand

So I have cast away my electronic calendars, on-line diary, filofax and other such new fangled contraptions and retreated to my (t)rusty crystal ball.  It has the added benefit of being a stress ball – well it can be chucked which causes damage, which relieves my stress – if not anybody elses !  

And no – this is not the reason the wool fell off the wall that is another story Winking smile

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