Saturday, 26 February 2011


Having got the communication stuff off my chest – I conclude they could(nt) organise a piddle up in a brewery locally…and we are still reeling from the news last night of having lost not one but two friends to tragic circumstances in recent weeks – I have tried to use today to get my mind back on track and in the world of calmness and creativity.

Nat Dye

Firstly got some wool out – washed and drying… Think I need to get a hobby or a life !! and must be seriously stressed or suffering with compulsive wotsit..– this has all be dyed and spun in the last month. 

Lauren's Jumper

Then there is Lauren's Jumper these are some photos over the last week as it progresses

Lauren's Jumper

Lauren's Jumper

and this is where I am today….

Was going to get stuck into some spinning, but then got side tracked with research.

I have started up a DyeVerse Notes forum on website, for anybody who reads my craft blogs and would like to continue the conversation and exploration in a friendly chatty forum.  All welcome, and if you want to flog us your wares all the better !!!

Facebook DyeVerse there is also a facebook page for those not on Ravelry.

What I am trying to achieve is a general feel good vibe and lots and lots of bragging and sharing of ideas and inspiration.  In my experience 1 + 1 good ideas = amazing new ideas and fun. 

Fiber Binder Club is now a month behind – I did the first one… photos to follow.  Ordered the flax attachment for my spinning wheel so that I can do the next one (and another project I am committed to do) and now I understand March is nearly ready to ship… so best catch up.  I would so love it if there was a forum that I could follow for this. 

So off to knit, spin and weave…. forgot I have partially warped up a hanging, but with everything else that has been left still on the warping plank (don’t ask….!!)

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