Sunday, 16 January 2011

Catching time

Struggling at the moment to keep up to date with the blog and live life.. Winking smile 

Our personal world is moving faster than we can keep up with, all very positive and a lot of finishing off and moving on.

I have though, as part of my relaxation, been dyeing.  Now there is a surprise.  Lots of photos on the other camera, so will upload when I have time, but that will probably be the week after next now.

But in your mindseye you could picture a perfect summer sky, and the glorious white clouds across a cerulean sky… well that is my fireplace at the moment…

The “dead” indigo vat, which was, I was totally convinced, dead… when I started emptying it, it was clear that there was still some colour underneath the rainwater, which had settled.  I then warmed it up, and added some (can’t remember the name, but the stuff which chases the oxygen out of the vat), and wey hey… I was off again.

That makes over a kilogram now of wool dyed, plus silk, out of one vat.  Impressive value for money.

I was also under some pressure to empty all the dye baths floating around, and use up pre-mordanted wool.  So cutch, persian berries got the treatment.  I used copper mordant though this time, and the amazing malachite green has me hooked.  That being only the mordanted wool !!!

I did a dye bath with half teal/rustic (2.5g of each) and half madder (5g) x 200 gram of copper mordanted wool… and wow…


This picture does not do it credit, but it was the best I could achieve with my mobile phone…

More photos when I get back.

Hugs everyone…see you on the other side..

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