Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Snow Days–Slow Thoughts…


Waking up this morning – well drifting out of a quite complicated dream, involving past and future loves and lives, which I wasn’t quite ready to dispense with until mid-morning.  (Please I am in post-traumatic shock from having watched Corrie – not once but twice last night – the second time to actually try to work out who was who !!).

B declared that he wished to go out this morning, across to Wales preferably to sort out some stuff left over from a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to spend the morning spinning and weaving, tucked up in front of the TV – so hid the car keys, justifying the action to myself by taking the advice of the weathermen. 

I didn’t get around to the spinning or weaving, inertia took hold, so taking a leaf out of my own book, I have spent the morning rebalancing myself out, living in the moment, and undressing the great amount of “undone” and irritating tasks on my To Do list – of which there are many !!!

Natural Dyeing

I have got around to making a montage of the dyeing I did last month, and the link with living in the moment is I am currently updating the record cards. 

I totally now get why natural dyeing is so popular.  The colours are so subtle and make me smile every time I look and touch them.  The depth, hue and tone, compared with chemical dyeing are far more translucent, and they blend and compliment each other without jarring. 

I am still not prepared to put away my chemical dyes.  They have a place and purpose in my pallet, and are an easy way of achieving colour in these grey days.  But the extract systems which I keep raving on about (DT Crafts) really do offer an affordable and accessible shortcut, combine that with the instructions and kits from Fiery Felts for more leisurely days, and you can see I am a dyer for all seasons. 


On the needles at present, I am using up my oddments left over from weaving projects undertaken earlier in the year, to make warm matching finger less mittens, both for myself and others.  These are the ones I have designed over the last couple of days and they fit a treat, unlike some of the patterns that I have been following.  Just enough rib to hold them close, and just enough length to keep everything warm.  Going off to finish them in a minute. 

I love this wool Bambino Sock Yarn from Anniken Allis. It has woven beautifully in all the colour ways that I have bought, subtle differences in each of the skeins have created interest and colourful textures. 

So back to my mitts I go before daylight disappears completely.  It is like Narnia outside of my window at the moment, incredibly peaceful and stress free to look at…



The crystals on my drying wool are beautiful…

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