Monday, 20 December 2010

Fair Isle–Trademark or Generic Term?

Interesting piece on You and Yours this morning…Fair Isle Knitting was covered.  The Island co-operative consisting of eight women, who are producing about 30 original fair isle jumpers per year, want their “brand” protected.  Very much along the lines of the Harris Tweed I suspect, and the lawyer asked by the BBC to comment on the problem, used this as an example.  

I “googled” this and managed to find an  Article in one of the papers about the problem, but was not able to actually find out anything about the co-operative themselves.

I understand where these ladies (I presume) are coming from over this, but can’t see how this status is going to help them – apart from make their products totally unaffordable, and confuse everyone else. 

I have found from my brief research – they have Fairtrade status (so the problem as been looked at by someone), but their dedicated website does not work, and the links on both the other websites don’t work either.  If I wanted to go off and buy their work this evening, I could not – at any price as I can’t find any way of contacting them.   I would also have liked to place a link here for you to do the same. 

So whilst sympathetic, I think they ought to perhaps look at how to market themselves more effectively, especially in the light of the superb coverage they have just been given, and the fact we are all sat at home in as many warm garments as we can find!

Why I was interested in this was it joined up with a niggling issue I discovered a while back.

I had assumed that homespun was a generic term as well, but discovered a couple of months back that it is owned as a trademark by Lion Brand Yarns.  Now as I use homespun as a description for most of the wool I produce by spinning in a domestic setting – as it is the most accurate description for something which is actually homespun – does that mean I am breaking very stringent trademark rules?

“Baggs” the brand, as recently starred on the Apprentice, perhaps did not have it so wrong after all…

Off to work out how to get a Certification Mark and Licence for Hubble products…of which there are a dyeverse number nowadays…!!

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  1. Hope you had a very lovely Christmas Shani. Here's hoping the new year will be full of magic, best wishes, Carolyn x


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