Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Quiet Post Production time…

Back to normal…


I am now quietly getting my head back into my world of sloth, warm fires, spinning and in a few moments TV. I forgot to mention in the previous blogs that some of the elements of the two days had been filmed for segments in a craft programme to be aired later in the year/next year showcasing Heritage Crafts and demonstrating how they are thriving today, reinvented and made relevant for the 21st Century. 

I was really flattered to be asked, totally overwhelmed by the actuality, and at a loss as to why they thought of me, apart from the obvious comedic attractions !!

It is one thing thinking on your feet, guiding and assisting others with some authority as a practicing artist and craftsperson.

It is quite another to be doing that making sure your Bristolian accent doesn’t twang too much, you aren’t mumbling at different pitches (depending on whether the subject is blagging or speaking from experience !), chest out (so you can speak), stomach in (so no-one gets the wrong idea and thinks I am pregnant) and bottom hidden at all times !

We won’t go into the lengths which went on to disguise my habitual garb of quarter-length trousers, which in their defence are comfy and easily discarded when covered in too much dye and paint. 

Unfortunately from the outtakes, and the rough edit that I have seen so far,  I am starting to look suspiciously like a mixture of Madam Mim from Walt Disney (my latest haircut has got a bit out of hand…) and Anne Widdecombe in rehearsals – not a particularly flattering vibe – but a practical one ! to which I hope the viewing public will feel sympathy with.  At least they don’t have to vote for me.!!

So what am I doing now.  Trying hard not to dwell on what might be and what ifs, and concentrate on actually living my life, filling the time with useful and hopefully medical therapeutic tasks.

I have mordanted another batch of wool, so natural dyeing is back up the agenda, along with knitting and sorting out my notebooks. 


Just want to share with you my incredibly useful glass “plate” I bought at a craft trail in chew magna, I so love it, as it reminds me of weaving, but in another format – ie glass.

Logwood Square

I have knitted up my first naturally dyed sample, Logwood in Devon BFL.  The photograph colour is not quite accurate, but you can get an idea as the background is from a Milk Tray carton.  Lovely wool though, really impressed.  I am going to add this to my Barn Raising Quilt which is fast becoming a sampler of my best loved dye baths over the last two years.  How is that for a warming thought?

So back to Dyer’s Chamomile and the TV…

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