Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Madder Cauldrons


So, carrying on from where I left off last night, after email to lovely Helen of Fieryfelts , who responded with very calming words and clear instructions (she has written them for a non-cook – she is very gentle with me..!!) day two of the creation of the cauldrons..

On your right is Dye Bath 1:  the madder which has been soaking for a week, and gently simmered yesterday for an hour to release the colour. 

Today I placed the alum mordanted fibres in and heated until it was "hot enough to put my finger in, but I wouldn’t want to leave my finger there.  I am leaving to cool overnight and will rinse the fibre tomorrow when it runs clear.

The Dye Bath 2: on the left is the chips which have soaked overnight drained from dye bath 1, and I have brought those with the soaking liquor to a gentle simmer today for an hour to release colours.


Left, liquor from Dye Bath 1 (after dyeing) – Right, liquor from Dye Bath 2.

The left is a very peachy colour – sumptuous and deep, the right is more of a maroon colour liquor, it will be interesting to see the fibres.  I used 50g madder/50g of fibre, so will do that with the second dye bath.

I am so loving this… but must not get too drawn in, otherwise life may become more complicated than normal.

dyeing, tf 005

I am spinning – because I know have a lot to get through and the clutter and mess is stifling me, also the Zwartbles is needed for the front of DH’s new waistcoat. 

I am also admiring the colours of the flowers in my eyeline…

dyeing, tf 007

Inspiration for a dyebath soon no doubt..

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