Thursday, 4 November 2010

Madder by the day…

To recap:- I am now on Day 3 (drum roll, opening credits and background applause please). 

Left – is Dye Bath 2 – which contains liquor which has been soaked overnight.
Middle – is Dye Bath 1 – with beautiful deep sumptuous peach fibre draining
Right – is Dye Bath 3 – with madder chips which have been left soaking overnight and are now being brought to 70o for one hour. 

Natural Dyeing

As you can see my ability to retain information has reached an all time low here, so I opted for stick notes, which I decided as I lit the flames probably constituted more of a H & S issue than the dyes themselves.  So removed them to a place on the wall where I could refer to them. 

Natural Dyeing

I think in future I shall be putting a little white board to one side, where I can place these to remind me about what is going on, along with buying myself a little time for each of the dye pots.

I have successfully boiled Dye Pot 2: lots of lovely peach there – a lighter shade than 1, which I was promised, which I will drain in a minute, and get on with the business of dyeing Dye Pot 3.  This is holding lots of promise as the liquor is a lot deeper, the shade of Merlot wine. 

With me so far? 

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