Tuesday, 16 November 2010

British Craftsmanship


I received my swatches from Fox Brothers & Co today. 

In the last year or so, I have grown out of my clothes, well they are wearing out as I am getting bigger and don’t have funds, as well as not having the time to replace.  No problems when dossing around house, or working in the basement and not client facing, but a bit of a problem when I need to put on the professional image. 

I promised myself in the new grand scheme of things – two bespoke suits (or costumes as DH calls them – a phrase from his tailoring days).  I want a coat, waistcoat, skirt and trousers, in two coordinating colourways – with good seams that can be taken out and in, depending on my fluctuating size (18 – 24, but not at the same time I add!!). 

This way I get to get 2 x 4 looks, when coupled with blouses, shoes and accessories. That has to be a deal when you consider an off the peg suit in something orrible will cost me an arm and leg anyway.  Also I will be supporting British wool and craftsmanship, whilst going about unrelated employment.

I have found my perfect fabric today..the first two from the right in the picture above (not sure what they are called at the moment, will come back to you on that).  The black pin-stripe ought to be slimming and the check should make a good contrast.  They work out to £42.00/metre and I will need 3 1/2 m per suit (with a bit extra for the trousers/waistcoat). 

This is something to really look forward to. 

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