Monday, 1 November 2010

Autumn Trails

Tintern Abbey

I so love Autumn.  I had a load of things to do today, most of them involving someone, somebody or something, and none of them actually involving what I really wanted to do in my heart.

After about three false starts, and becoming more and more wound up with interruptions – we decided to leave the building so I could get on with what had to be done with a clear mind and focused concentration. 

So Tintern seemed the obvious destination.

Tintern Abbey

Got there, to find that my painting board didn’t fit the paper, and as everything had been stashed in the boot for a month, couldn’t find anything.  Then low and behold, DH (as I have been informed I should be calling him rather than B, or MasterChief) found a saw secreted in the car and promptly set about dealing with the problem.

Now I ask myself – who carries a saw randomly around, and for what purpose?  Obviously it was this..

What do you think of his waistcoat?  It was the pattern for this, which I had hastily sketched out on graph paper and coloured in with gouache which got me into Art College when I had my last sabbatical (chosen last time, not enforced!). I had no portfolio, didn’t even own a paintbrush, but just knew that I loved colour and had been designing knitwear for years, so didn’t see that there might be a problem – how naive could I be?  but glad I did…

Back to the waistcoat – Icelandic, handspun, in natural colours – with a Salish detailed pattern of some sort (I think I had seen something like the pattern in a copy of Spin Off – with eagles as well) on both fronts.   If never fitted DH very well – too big, and he too thin - and was cast aside until this latest cold snap. 

Yesterday he was told he was “eye candy” at the checkout in Tesco’s Cullompton, so I suspect he isn’t going to be taking it off any time soon.  On the bright side, at least I can find him in a crowd, but still concerned about the ease he found the saw !!

What did I do this morning in between answering stupid queries, and doing re-writes from alternative perspectives. 

I finally got around to heating up the madder which had been soaked for over a week now (because of time constraints, not because of instructions).  I mordanted the wool for this project and one of the other colours in the kit, only to find I wasn’t sure how to continue.  I really need to look at my cooking skills, they are getting in the way of my dyeing (best not repeat this on the telephone me thinks..)

Helen very kindly commented on my blog yesterday, and I have found the link to the craftsperson she referred to: India Flint. What a fascinating site, no guessing what I am going to be doing tonight!

Tintern Abbey

Back to Tintern – I love this little chapel buried in the hillside, visible from the car park.  It looks so romantic, as I guess the Abbey did before it was cleaned back, and restored.

We then spent some time travelling across the back roads and discovering all kinds of valleys, mill streams and various other delightful little grottos.  I really love this time of year, and must get some marks down on paper before winter sets in, and life moves on. 

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