Friday, 29 October 2010

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I So what am I up to…

Prompted by the the Prof I have bought a copy of Erich Fromm's - To have or to be?.

I vaguely recalled this from studies, but only on the periphery of my memory.  It has arrived this morning and after having a quick flick through am fascinated by some of the assertions of the chapter headings, so will take a longer look at this.

Duchy Square are holding a textile trade event today and tomorrow.  Unfortunately I really didn’t feel well enough to go today and tomorrow is already spoken for, so wondering how I am going to quite fit that in?

Still on the natural dyeing task and reading.  Spent at least an hour just now looking for issue 229 of The Journal to refer to a specific article.. note to oneself, really must get all the magazines and periodicals in one spot so I can find and refer to them when I need them !!   Still on the bright side, found loads of patterns that I had forgotten about and textile ideas which are “on hold”.

Oh and I am knitting, well thinking about knitting.  I am designing a jumper for Mr Bond himself, so have done back and have started on the fronts.  All very eclectic and I am surprised how well using thicker contrasting yarn goes with the shaping.  I will photograph so you don’t have to guess at what I am up to. 

I am doing some drop spindling – PicPerfic supplied some beautiful cranberry and brown merino and silk mixture for a fibreholics box a while back (I will check my facts there…).  I have just got around to spindle spinning it and it is beautiful and restful – unlike the rest of my rather fragmented and disjointed life…

Back to dreaming in streams of coloured thought…

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