Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Natural Dyeing–Part III

So snotty blog out of the way and back to the fun bit…

I finished off my natural dyeing project this morning with….. Iron…

Natural dyeing

Wasn’t very enthusiastic as I did it, but when I finished… had one of those bisto moments..

So from the left in groups of two:-
Teal – alum mordanted saddened with Iron – next to plain alum mordant.
Fustic/Teal – ditto
Fustic – ditto (quite dramatic eh?)
Logwood – ditto
Madder – ditto
Lac – ditto.

The recipe I used for the saddening was 1 1/2 tsp of ferrous sulphate/160g of wool.  Made a bit of a boob here, as it was supposed to 1/2 tsp per hundred and I had the wrong spoon to hand.  But I loved the colours, and will try again with the proper recipe. 

Also can I mention here just how helpful Debbie (DT Crafts) has been with my queries – however obvious they might seem to her, she has been very helpful in sharing these answers with me.  I have really appreciated this, as whilst I have a big mouth, if I have too many obstacles in my way, or too many questions running around my head – I don’t get started !!

The other thing which has always concerned me is exhaust.  Because I have used the right quantities there has been no exhaust – which makes the whole thing very cost effective. 

Oh and should mention that in future I will use undyed non-commercial wool to tie the skeins with !!!

Just to share with you one other little bit of joy.  Received my stash bags from Allabitrandom this morning.  They are amazing and I am really thrilled – high quality and professionally finished. The bags not the photo !!  Not a particularly good photo here, but if you click it, you will get the link to her Folksy shop. 

natdyeing 005

I first came across them when I won one in a prize at a raffle and it has been my constant craft companion since – just big enough to get a project in, or keep  your hand-dyed fibre lots separate and distinct awaiting spinning.  I am always convinced I will remember and know the difference, but months later it is incredibly useful to go back to the bags, which also contain dyeing notes in.  Also gives you a sense of achievement when they are neatly folded up ready for refilling. 

I am spoilt for choice now… will probably have to buy some more !! Wool, dyes and bags… !!

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